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The Pharaoh's Daughter - Spring Performance
Saturday & Sunday 2:00 p.m.
Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
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Acton School of Ballet
Chip Morris, Director
Melissa Morris, Administrator
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August 01, 2012

2016-17 Class Attire

It is important for everyone in class to have a uniform appearance to encourage unity and discipline. Each syllabus level is designated by a particular color. Students are expected to wear the color and style of leotard mandated for their level.

Girl’s Hair: In all classes girls are expected to wear their hair up in a bun or other fashion that is neat and away from their face. In Level 3 and up, buns are required for long hair. Students MUST bring a bag containing a comb or brush, hair elastics, hair nets, and hair pins or bobby pins in their dance bags.

Male students wear black tights, a white, close-fitting T-shirt, white socks and black ballet shoes.

Attire may be purchased at Patterson’s in Burlington, Massachusetts or Dance This Way in West Concord. Both stock ASB attire and are knowledgeable about our syllabus. Other local that stores may have stock or be able to order our attire include Damien’s Dancewear in Chelmsford, and Dancer’s Boutique in Fitchburg, and Dancer’s Warehouse in Milford and Wellesley.

Girl’s Attire

Level 6 Students

Girl’s Ballet Slippers

Fairy Tale Dance (3 year-olds), First Steps (4 year-olds), Pre-Ballet (kind & 1st grade), and Levels 1–4: All students wear pink, full-sole leather ballet slippers: either Bloch 205 or the Theatrical 238 is preferred. Capezio 205 or 200 are acceptable as well as other brands providing the slipper is full-soled leather.

Levels 5 & up: Students may wear full- or split-sole slippers. We prefer the Bloch #203 or #258 leather split-sole. Bloch #261, #277, or ProElastic SO621L split-sole in canvas are also available for those who prefer a canvas shoe. Other brands are acceptable as long as the fit is correct.

Girl’s Ballet Tights

We prefer two brands: Eurotard “Euroskins” in theatrical pink, micro fiber tights with back seams. Child’s footed: Style #215C, Child’s convertible: Style #218C. Adult convertible: Style #218. Or Bloch Endura microfiber tights in pink. Child footed style #921G or Adult convertible style #TO936.

Girl’s Leotard Colors and Styles

In order to accommodate all of the level colors, we use Motionwear (MWR), Eurotard, Mirella and Capezio leotards. Please check your level and note which brands you should request.

Class Leotard Color/Style Skirt
Fairy Tale Dance any color & style skirt OK
First Steps Ultra Violette silkskyn MWR #2102 or Purple Eurotard #10408 (this level wears dark purple) no skirt
Pre-Ballet Violet MWR #2102 or Lilac Eurotard #10408 no skirt
Level 1 Pink MWR # 2102 no skirt
Level 2 Butter MWR #2102 no skirt
Level 3 Burgundy MWR #2100 no skirt
Level 4 Navy silkskyn MWR #2100 or Eurotard #1089 or #1002 no skirt
Level 5 Periwinkle MWR #2518 Periwinkle, MWR #1021
Level 6 Raspberry MWR #2518 Capezio #10606 “Orchid Enchantment”, Bodywrapper #980 “Rose Blooms”, or MWR #1021 or 1022, #695 “Painted Posies”
Level 7 Perfect Plum MWR #2518 MWR #1021, #072 Athena
Level 8 Royal Blue #207L Mirella or Capezio #CC101, or MWR #2518 silkskyn Black MWR #1021 or Mirella #MS12
Level 9 Garnet #207L Mirella Black MWR #1021 or Mirella #MS12
Level 10 choice of black leotard, any brand no skirt
Beginning Ballet Black MWR #2518 no skirt
Advanced Ballet Turquoise MWR #2518 Black MWR #1021 or Mirella #MS12

Supplementary Classes

  • Variations: any leotard and skirt
  • Modern Dance (1/2 & 3): student’s choice of leotard and convertible tights; bare feet for warm-up and ballet technique or jazz shoes optional for center work
  • Ballet Conditioning: dance or sports wear that is tight (not “baggy”); ballet technique shoes preferred; hair in any style that keeps hair off the face
  • Ballet History: attire for technique class immediately following
  • Choreography: ballet attire of choice

Boy’s Attire

  • White tee-shirt or leotard
  • Black tights or leggings, dance belt
  • White or black shoes with white socks