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August 01, 2012

Fall 2016

Photo by Mike Nyman
Sonia Xu as Dawn in Coppelia
Sonia Xu as "Dawn" in Coppélia

The new schedule for fall 2016 is available by clicking here.

Returning Student Enrollment

All students from the spring term should by now have received re-enrollment packets throught the postal mail. If you have not received your packet, please leave a message at our office at (978) 263-6572 and we will send another packet.

New Student Enrollment

To enroll a new student, please review the information below and then contact Melissa Morris at (978) 263-6572 to obtain registration forms and additional information. The important information documents are also available here:


Placement in classes is determined by the charts below. For the Lower School (ages 3 through third grade in fall 2016) no placement class is necessary. Parents of 3 and 4 year olds are encouraged to call the ASB offices for placement information.

Parents of children entering kindergarten through 2nd grade may download a registration form HERE, and use the chart below to place their child.

New students in fourth grade or older should contact the ASB offices for placement assistance.

Lower School

The Lower School comprises the following classes, each of which meet one day per week:

Class Age(s)
Fairy Tale Dance 3 years old by September 12, 2016
First Steps 4 years old by September 12, 2016
Pre-Ballet kindergarten or 1st grade (as of fall 2016)
Level 1 2nd grade (as of fall 2016)
Level 2 3rd grade (as of fall 2016)

Proper placement in classes is essential for a student’s learning experience. We must be firm in the age requirements for each level.

Although each class in the Lower School meets once a week, students may take more than one class at their level.

Upper School

As students mature physically and mentally, they become ready for the more challenging work of classical ballet in the Upper School.

The Upper School comprises Levels 3 through 10, Beginning Ballet, Advanced Ballet, and Contemporary Ballet, together with supplementary classes in Modern Dance, Classical Variations, Choreography, Ballet Conditioning, and Ballet History. (See the Class Descriptions.)

Upper School syllabus level classes (3–10) meet with at the following frequencies:

Level 3 2 times per week
Level 4 2 times per week
Level 5 2 times per week with one classes extended by 1/2 hour
Level 6 3 times per week (choose Level 6a or Level 6b plus one additional Level 6)
Level 7 3 times per week (choose three of five choices)
Level 8 4 times per week (including Contemporary Ballet 8) plus Ballet History
Level 9 5 times per week (4 technique classes plus one elective)
Level 10 5 times per week (4 technique classes plus one elective)

New students wishing to enroll in Level 3 (4th Grade) or higher may need to take a placement class. Please contact the School Administrator at (978) 263-6572 for placement information. We normally suggest the most likely placement for a student and register him or her for those classes. However, during the first class of the session (or possibly a summer session class) the teacher will evaluate the student and either recommend that she/he remain in the class or move to a more suitable class. If no appropriate placement can be found, we refund tuition (except for a fee for the placement class).


Tuition for the Syllabus Program is charged on a student-by-student basis and depends on the total number of class meetings per week in which the student is enrolled. For example, if a student takes one class that meets twice a week and a second class that meets once a week, the total number of class meetings per week is three.

The fall session 2016 is 16 weeks of classes for both the Lower School and the Upper School. It begins on September 14 and ends on January 24.

Lower School: Fairy Tale Dance; First Steps; Pre-Ballet; Levels 1 & 2

Upper School: Levels 3–10, Beginning & Advanced Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Supplementary Pointe, Variations (all levels), Choreography, Ballet History, and Modern Dance.

Tuition for the 16-week fall 2016 term:

Meetings/Week Tuition
1 $295
2 $565
3 $810
4 $1,000
5 $1,150
6 $1,255
unlimited classes $1,380

Families with three or more enrolled children are entitled to a 10% discount on tuition.

In addition to regular tuition, there are two classes that entail a small additional charge. Neither class is counted toward the number of classes per week.

Level 5 Extension ($50)
required of all Level 5 students taking pointe or pre-pointe, this is an extra 1/2 hour each week dedicated to pointe or pointe preparation.
Ballet History ($50)
a half-hour class required of all students in Level 8.

Please observe the following policies concerning tuition:

  • Tuition must be paid in full, in advance each term, by cash or check. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Except for documented medical reasons, tuition is not refundable once classes have begun.
  • There is no registration fee.

See the page for Adult Classes for information about tuition for adult open classes.